RedBridge-PM-TCGHere are keys to move forward in life: When we deal with obstacles, tap into you’re inter self to maintain confidence, seek guidance and have patience while waiting for a clear response on how to move forward in your life.

The bigger the obstacle the less action you should take. This strategy goes against our instinct of what seem to be a usual tendency when things don’t go our way. It is a natural tendency for us to dig in and stand our ground to quit and just give up.

Asking for guidance and being patient and believing in a divine order, help’s with deciding between struggle and surrender.

We can spend our life fighting for preserving our will or to simply to let go and let God lead us. When you’re ready to admit that you don’t have all the answer that you need to help find your way, then you’re ready to surrender into a new life of happiness, gratitude and grace.

Post By Len Thicklin


Have a positive weekend, and remember to always pay it forward.

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