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Len is a twenty-year technology professional focused on communications and marketing in the IT industry; specifically how technology interacts with all forms of social media. His latest venture is to combine has passion for visual communication while using social media as a marketing tool to help nonprofit organization, mid-size business make a difference in their online communities. Len tries to design and recommend technology solutions to his clients that offer minimal cost to the organization while using the latest technology available in all industries. He has set out to explore how to apply and integrate his technology skill-set into a variety of useful ways to interact with all forms of communication. He is a member of the promotional products industry PPAI, audiovisual communication industry InfoCom, and CEDIA. Over the last twenty years his career has spanned into variety of industries such as healthcare, nonprofit, and community service. He has provided technology consulting, promotional marketing and project management to these communities. He is an avid photographer, social media activist; project manager and a community volunteer using a variety of skills sets to make a difference in the community.

“Scripture Verse focus vs. Setting Goals for the New Year.”

This year’s I will direct my life focus on the biblical verse, John 6:35.  This verse will give me the clarity I will need to make every day an opportunity and to spend time in the Word and listen to God and daily seek his guidance.  I have decided to use this approach this New year rather than focusing on a goal-setting process which in the past became too much about MY plans and not at all about God’s plan for me.

“Jesus declares, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

Verse, John 6:35 teaches that spiritual nourishment comes first. That your spiritual growth is not a project, a bible study or a training seminar, but a daily practice rooted in prayer. It is not optional – but rather it is required to sustain life’s achievement.

My spiritual nourishment is more valuable than food and water. The message valued from John 6:35 is, that Christ calls us not only to “believe in him” but also to “come to him.” With this in mind, I am willing to seek Christ daily, with all of my joys, worries, questions, and requests. Not just when things get rough or when I’m expected to pray.

As a Christian, husband, father and technical entrepreneur, I experience no shortage of ideas or imagination. But when it comes to making things happen, bringing them to fruition I often fall short. I spend too much time being politically correct “the messy middle.” So am embracing the word Nourish which will give me the strength and direction I need to keep feeding my dreams, goals and to provide me with a little bit of focus every day and to sustain my life to strengthen me.

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Len Thicklin

What Inspires Me “Costco”

If you are a member, like me, you are probably obsessed with Costco. In my opinion, Costco is the greatest store of all times. Having a Costco membership is like being a part of an elite group of people who enjoy being around quality products.

What is it that makes Costco such a shopping delight? Seriously, I could hang out at Costco all day. Without a doubt, I believe it’s the best store for all of your shopping needs, although my wife and kids would disagree. After much thought, I have made a list of the significant reasons why Costco is the greatest store ever.

  • The soft service is above par, and it keep you coming back again and again.
  • You can always depend on the rotisserie chicken it’s cooked to perfection.
  • Costco has everything. When I need something, going to Costco is my first thought.
  • Costco offers all kinds of things that you might not think to buy, but to me, that is awesome.
  • My family thinks I am obsessed with Costco, but I don’t believe it!

My final advice, use caution: make all your purchase count.   While you should exercise caution — there  just too much “fun” to buy there and enjoy the experience.

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“More or Less ”

One of the secrets of true happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to do more with less.  Once this idea of “Less is more” has been learned, it can change the way you pursue your life’s ambition. It is a paradox of choice to do more with less.

Some high achievers believe success lies in dedicating long hours to their work. These individuals place value in how many they accumulate per day thinking this is a true definition of success. As their days turn into years, these individuals may find possessions fill the spaces where memories should be.

Once you realize that having material possessions does not provide true happiness, you suddenly find other ways to define success with less. In other words, we seldom spend time savoring in the satisfaction of relationships and spirit. We continue to work toward earning and spending until we spend too much of our lives obtaining more but lacking happiness. It is okay to set goals and be successful but remembers you can achieve more with less.

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