WISDOM_0689-PM-WPWisdom comes from life experiences. When you embrace the wisdom of life, you will have knowledge of others, to love freely, refuse to hate, embrace your joys and sorrow and to accept victories and learn from your defeats.

Wisdom can’t be acquired simply through reading books; knowledge is one thing, wisdom comes from the trials and errors of life.

Wise people continue to doubt themselves and that’s part of what makes them wise.

Wisdom is positively related to happiness.

Wisdom must be distinguished from mere cleverness that frequently “poses” as wisdom.

Wise people talk less, are silent more, and truly listen.

Wisdom is a function of time and experiences; they are prerequisites.

Wisdom derives more from mistakes and failures than from success.

Wisdom has as its antonyms: foolishness or folly . . . but not always.

Wisdom is antithetical to fear. In fact, it’s what enables a person to overcome fear.

Wise people are also humble. There’s really no such thing as someone who is both proud or arrogant and wise.


Have a positive week, and remember to always pay it forward.


Understood-MP-8x10One of the secrets of true happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to do more with less.

Once the secret behind the ideal of “Less is more” has been learned, it could literally change the way you pursue your life’s ambition, it is the paradox of choice to do more with less.

Many high achievers strive for success, by putting long hours into daily work routine, pursing and acquiring more and more, placing values on how much they can accumulate, thinking this is the way we should define success.

Once you realize that having material possessions does not provide true happiness, you suddenly find other ways to define success with less.

In other words, we seldom spend time savoring in the satisfaction of relationships and spirit. We continue to work toward earning and spending, until we spend too much of our lives obtaining more but lacking happiness.

It is okay to set goals and be successful but remember you can archive more of with less.

Post By Len Thicklin