“Stay on Track”

Family_Life_WPWhen do you tackle the really difficult problems in our life:  now or later?   When turbulent and difficult situation come into our life we begin to slow down and deal with the confusion.

Confusion can cause us to lose focus and go into survival mode.  Before long you will lose track of time and all your dreams are deferred.  A better choice will be to keep your dreams on the horizon, deal with the confusion and never stop moving FORWARD!

Post By Len Thicklin



DSCF0463-ccWhy do so many of us use the term “I got the blues?”

In fact, blue is the favorite color of most men and most women. Many see it as sunny and bright.  If you happen to like blue, you can be described as someone who values close relationships.

People who love the color blue are very selective of the people they call a friend. When they do select someone as their friend, they will take the time to build a solid relationship before they are considered a true friend.

People who like the color blue are highly recognized as people who put others needs before their personal needs. However, do not under-estimate a blue lover’s kindness as a weakness; when they are tested they will stand their ground – you can count on it.

So when you think you have the blues, you are just someone who values fair play and keep order when there is chaos around you. It also means, that you are a crusader who just wish someone beside you to do the right thing and take a hit just once in a while for the people.

Post By Len Thicklin


Stay in Pursuit of Achieving Your Dreams


The dreams of our youth bring inspiration and hope in our adult life. In these uncertain times, the memories of our hopes and dreams can be the glue that keeps our lives together.

When I look back at my own life there have been many times when I might have stopped trying to pursuit my dreams but I kept going.

I used my dreams as tools to motive me to some of my greatest moments and accomplishments in life.  In fact, dreams to me are everlasting; they are the very essence that defines who we are and how we achieve success in life.

The reason many of us give up on our dreams is that we start limiting our beliefs and faith.  You may not be the best or the brightest, but you can go far, if you just keep pursuing your hopes and dreams.

Post By Len Thicklin