ISEEYOU-WPToday there are many people who do not have a voice that controls their destiny. Meanwhile, many of us have a voice but have an apathetic attitude about life, which has a negative outcome on the choices we make through out our lifetime.

But what happens when we no longer have a voice to choose joy, happiness, or feel the freedom to embrace choices in your life?   Suddenly, we feel the deepest and most destructive uncertainty in life and the lack of freedom to choose.

Our life standard is that if you work hard and educate yourself you will have opportunities in life and that faith brings a brighter tomorrow. When life struggles intensifies and erode our choices, it makes it easy to lose hope and give up on accomplishing your goals and dreams.

When you face difficult situations in life remember the only thing that make life possible is to never give up hope knowing we still have a choice to live out our dreams.  If you can’t change your fate, control your attitude.

Post By Len Thicklin



THINGSCHANGEWPThere are no limits to the number of possibilities in our lifetime.  At any given moment in our lives, the potential of possibilities exist more than we can act upon.   When we envision all the possibilities, our vision and joy for life expands our hopes and dreams without the limitations we place on ourselves.

When you dream the impossible, there are no limits no matter how improbable your dreams may seem. It is still a possibility you can accomplish all your hope and dreams. Always look at things as they can be, even if the evidence of things not yet seen.

Post By Len Thicklin