SkyMTOP-PM12X12When you allow limits to exist in your life, barriers are created.  You will have overwhelming obstacles to overcome in your path of life. When running life’s race, you will have to jump hurtles, break things down into smaller, and simpler, steps to move forward in life.

If you are feeling “Overwhelmed” by your goal or vision then you haven’t broken it down enough into smaller pieces that you can manage.  So instead of just stopping and saying “I can’t do this because…” stop, and think, break it down again, make it smaller, make it the simplest it can be, then take your next action step towards your goal. If it helps don’t look at the future today, just look at the next step in front of you.

So stop placing limits in your life, get out of your own way and go make it happen.  “Living” your life isn’t for the weak and it will never be easy, but your other option is you could always live your life like the rest of the world by playing it safe so don’t be like everyone else… live without limits!

 Post By Len Thicklin


Live Fearless

ManSeaPaddel-PM-SMHave you been so frighten of failure that you begin to second-guess your decisions about life? Are you apprehensive of people, so you don’t share your feeling? Are you comfortable with your success and fearful of taking a chance on your next big dream? Then you are not alone. I have discovered that the vast majority of people, no matter how confident they appear have felt paralyzed by their own fears.

For some, the intimidating voices are the conscious that prevent us from reaching our full potential. These inner voices are always at the ready to whisper skeptical objections and plant doubts that can prevent you forever achieving your greatest potential.

Instead, start now to embrace fearless living to help you triumph over the fears that prevents you from living a fulfilling life. Fearless living entails living by faith and by grace that directs your life and overcoming your fear. Life is too short to place your hopes and dream on hold, or wait for better opportunities because tomorrow is not promised, move beyond your fears.

There is no “right” time to begin living fearlessly. Wherever you are in life, now is the perfect time to transform your life.

Post By Len Thicklin