This weekend is Mother’s Day! Many of us will be celebrating this joyful day by reflecting or spending time with our mothers. I am thinking about the things that made my mother a great mom and all the unique qualities she possessed.

Most of us get our perspectives when choosing a mate, through the experience and relationships we had, or have with our mothers. In our eyes, our mothers are perfect, and good or bad, we use our mother as the standard when choosing a mate.

A good mother makes every effort to ensure their kids are happy, learning and creates a safe positive environment for the home and family.

It is believed what make a great mother come from the pressure of our communities and society as a whole, and the experiences and memories we have with our own parents, and through the expectations of friends and family.

Mothers’ day is a day to reflect on all the good and happy times we had growing up under the watchful eyes of our mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers will…

  • Love her children unconditionally
  • Always does what is best for her child
  • Always puts her child’s needs before her own
  • Makes every effort to be around her child
  • Feel happy and overjoyed every time she looks at her child

If you still have your mother tell her how much you love her!

Post By Len Thicklin



GirlRedRibbin-SMHow much change have you experienced this year? Change is constant in all of our lives. No matter what you do, whether you ready or not, you will experience change. Change happens. How you react to change is a personal issue. It is your attitude about change that determines how change affects you. Try asking a person to make significant behavioral change.   Depending on the person’s attitude, it can be neither a frightening request or no big deal.

Some of us view change positively, and some see it as an exciting opportunity to learn and adapt while others allow fear to control their behavior. How you feel about the changes in your life and the way you deal with a situation is a choice. You cannot control others’ actions, but you can be responsible for your own reactions.

The serenity prayer states “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” When applied, this can be a great stress reliever. Look at your situation and ask yourself “is this something I can change?” If so, start exploring positive ways to change the situation.

If the situation cannot be changed, such as an illness or the economy, accept it for what it is. Accepting does not mean giving up. By accepting the life situation simply means finding ways you can cope with what cannot be changed, and staying positive to keep a healthy attitude spiritual and mentally . Always remember to continue to evaluate the changes in the light and it’s important to remember that you control how life changes affect your life.

Post By Len Thicklin


Have a positive week, and remember to always pay it forward.


15hzwjF-Land-ScapePMWPDestiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but, rather something to be achieved. William Jennings Bryan…                     

 Have a positive week, and remember to always pay it forward.