NEVERGIVEUPDo you have hope? Do you have dreams? How do you envision your future?

America is a place filled with hopes and dream. But more and more people are not realizing their American dreams because many of us get side tracked by people who tell you otherwise. They are the dream killer of success.

Dream killers are the very people who constantly shoot down any aspirations with harsh negativity. Keep these people out of your life by removing them immediately and begin reclaiming your passion.

We should avoid “Dream Killers” the moment we discover who they are and work to achieve the goals and the passion to overcome the obstacles in your life. Don’t let negative people determine your level of success to materialize your dreams. Always remember not to let someone who gave up on his or her dreams talk you out of yours.

Post By Len Thicklin




I SEE YOU NASHVILLE-WPEveryone has a dream, from the smallest child to the oldest adult. Achieving and accomplishing a dream is not easy and it doesn’t come without a struggle.

But struggles are apart of life. And we all know, a trouble-free life is never promised.   Stay away from dream killers; these are people we sometimes find in our life. It’s true, struggles can be a stumbling block, but the focus is the dream. Don’t look down – look up, and ask for guidance to accomplish your dream

Spend every living moment of your life developing the skills and ideals that is necessary to be great at what you can do. If you do this, you will begin to see, dreams often come true. If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is look up. Dreams do come true!

 Post By Len Thicklin