Hope Against Hope


Do you believe hope go beyond faith?  Hope is our shield against doubt. When all hope is gone; we resort to our faith and to believe in the things hoped for.

To have hope even when the situation appears to be hopeless. We hope that everything will be all right, and that the right things will happen for us. There is little point in hoping, except that it makes you feel better that everything is going to be all right.

Having hope is not what I thought it was. And upon some inquiry with others, I found that hope isn’t what they believed it was either. In our culture we are taught to revere hope. Don’t give up hope. There is nothing to do now but hope and pray. Prayer however; makes sense to me, but what is hope?

Hope sounds like something we conjure up when we feel hopeless, or it could means rediscovering hope just when you didn’t believe there was anything left to hope for.  One thing for sure, hope is still alive!

Post By Len Thicklin


Stay In The Game


It’s a wonderful feeling when you realize that your life is finally going somewhere.

Stop and make sure that everything you are doing today are the things you really want out of life.

Measure your success by the blessings you have received rather than the goals you set for yourself. Remember the things that make you work the hardest generally will bring you the greatest success.

The circumstances of today are determined by your past actions and the choices you made. To change your future, alter the way you make decisions. Start building your future by living today and not waiting for ideals conditions.

Post By Len Thicklin




Have you asked this question of yourself, what is a believer? Are you someone who only believes in what you see?  Sometimes it’s hard to believe you can accomplish all your hopes and dreams; so you give up.

By definition, a believer is a person who holds a particular belief in someone or something. So before you answer this question, let’s look at how we define believers.

Believers are relentless in the pursuit of happiness.

Believers will make every effort to accomplish all the things hoped for even when it’s never seen.

Believers make the impossible – possible.

Believers know dreams will become reality.

Believers know how to start over again after a major setback in life.

Believers are resourceful when time gets hard.

Believers find comfort in overcoming negativity around them.

So is it fair to say you are a believer?

Post by Len Thicklin