Is Prosperity Fulfillment?

STAYINTHEGAME-B-WPThe desire for life’s fulfillment lives within in each and every one of us. But can it be found in the material possession we strive to obtain? Real fulfillment comes from seeking what’s in our heart’s desire and satisfaction comes from appreciating what we have.

If you are trying to achieve success without first finding enjoyment, there is little chance of feeling fulfillment. Real prosperity lies in being thankful for what you have achieved and accomplished in life.

 Post By Len Thicklin



FAMILYLIFE-MPWPPeople often say they are grateful for many different reasons.  The reasons can be for the big things and for the little things that happens in their life.  But, do people say they are grateful because it is a true emotion or because it is another form of appreciation?

Acclimate your sense of purpose and look for the everyday miracles with an attitude of gratitude. When we consciously choose to be grateful you feel grateful, and when you do this you effectively train your mind to focus on the positive, and shift your perception of the  world in front of you!

Post By Len Thicklin


“Veterans Don’t Forget US”

Veterankeepsake1America remembers Veterans twice a year, Veteran Day and Memorial Day.   It is important to our country to recognize all the sacrifices our past and present service men and women make for this country.

Our country should make it a point to look for thoughtful way to honor and preserve the memory of their service every single day.   Nationally, we do not do a good job of giving the veterans what they need to live a life of value.

 It’s easy to tell our soldiers, thank you for serving our country, while they are in uniform.  When a solider becomes a Veteran, theirs heroic faces disappears and we no longer see or treat them as heroes.

It is our moral obligation as citizens, to continue seeing our service men and women as servants who sacrifice their lives so that we can continue to achieve peace and democracy for the country.

As we continue to express our gratitude, we should never forget the highest appreciation is to show them just how much we really care.

Post By Len Thicklin