Stepping into your Purpose

STEP PURPOSE-PMSQHave you asked yourself why we were born? Do you believe we are born with a purpose?

Stepping into your life’s purpose can be the greatest time of your life and yet also the hardest. Many of us spend our entire life looking for the purpose of life. Life can be like the seasons, bright and sunny or dark and cloudy. You can easily miss your purpose if you ignore what your Creator has called for you to do.

Many events in life can be overwhelming causing you to feel weak and helpless. However, you have to find power in your weakness. You can rise above the fear, pain, and brokenness to renew yourself and others into filling your purpose.

Always look at the bigger vision. Sometimes you must deny yourself and help others to elevate to serve their purpose. Are you living a saved life, or a called life? It’s now up to you, to decide how to fulfill your purpose in life.

#PURPOSE “You were made with a Purpose in mind, and for a specific Purpose”.

Post by Len Thicklin


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