WINNERS-VINCE-LOMBARDI-pmIS WINNING so important that you try to win at any cost?

To be a winner, you have to focus on the big picture and place a valve on what you are winning. Recently, I saw a news report of two men fighting at the deli counter in the grocery store. The fight started over a parking space. The two men humiliated themselves in front of people in the store, family members, friends and people around the world because of a parking space. Who was the winner and the loser in the fight and the argument.

Winning at life isn’t a game that you can win or lose, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make your life more fulfilling. The great thing is that you can make changes to your life and your attitude about your life that will benefit you in the long run, and you don’t have to rely on what life will throw at you. Winning at life really just means learning how to be content and fulfilled, and finding your happiness in the things that bring you joy.

“A Winning attitude begins and ends with believing in GOD rather than the circumstance!”

Post By Len Thicklin


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