1m7Z8V8-PMFBA Leader of a ragtag group of men changed the world with new thoughts, new ideals and a new way of life. He taught them, he lead them and he prepared his constituents for conflict and difficulty. He strengthens their will to go beyond what they are capable of doing by showing them a simple sacrificial life. This style of leadership lends itself to the achievement of high expectation and a team that is not to be afraid when they face monumental difficulty. His message was to “follow me “ and drop any personal agenda.

This style of leadership was more about people than about rules of engagement. This leadership is willing to be selfless and break the rule to help someone in need.

Anytime a leader is attempting to build a team it is essential to have a core group of people who understand each other and willing to put aside any hidden agendas. This enables the establishment of stability before diversity and conflict come along.   Be sure of one thing conflict will evolve in any team effort.

Today we celebrate the death of one of the greatest leader of all times, who was known to be selfless and paying the price to serve others.

Happy Easter to all believers

Post By Len Thicklin


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