Understood-MP-8x10Throughout our life there will be times of disillusionment and disenchantment. Times such as these, moves our focus from ourselves and from our goals.  Our potential is limited and the achievement of our life’s goals is destroyed.

Our life’s achievement is tightly woven with threads of faith, hope, love and surrender.  We will never reach our full potential as long we look at our circumstances and say with disillusionment “I can’t or I won’t do it”.

Some of the most painful time in our life can come at a time when we are in the process of breaking into preparing ourselves for greater achievements.  When this occurs, the process can be painful but the outcome always leads to growth and a blessing.

If there is any sign that resembles hardship or trouble we feel the need to draw back and pull back and maybe even give up.   With the hope of our potential, we must eliminate the voices of fear and doubt, think big, believe in ourselves, and persist in action until our dreams are achieved.

When we cling to the disappointment of our failure we get frustrate and only prolong the journey to achieving success.  We alone determine and create our own potential; and yes, we literately can become and accomplish anything if only we can learn how to think big, believe more and act now!

 Post By Len Thicklin


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