INSPIRE-invertA friend is someone we know and feel we have a strong bond and affection.   It is a reciprocated relationship that develops over time.

Many of us have a number of friends, and many of us have only a few friends.  The number of friends we have is determined by our definition of a friend.  Are the people we meet an acquaintance or a friend?

When it comes to finding friends, perhaps the first step is to understands what you expect out of a friendship.  For me, “A friend is a person who is willing to accept you the way you are”.

Fear of developing relationships can deprive us of developing true friendship. We identify our closest friends as those with the courage to remain and share themselves with us under all circumstances.

Friends are special people.  If you have been selected to be a friend, it means you were chosen. You are not in someone’s life by happenstance. Every friend is a special gift we should cherish and cultivate.

It takes courage to be a real friend. While some of us valued the classification of friendship we are unwilling to be one under all circumstances.  So the next time someone call you a friend just remember you may have been chosen to be an inspiration in someone life.

Post By Len Thicklin


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