12x18 S0120504WPTo All of My Followers,

My goal is to share brief positive inspirational messages that are intended to be reminders how life can be if we could see ourselves and the world through the lenses of faith and hope.

As the creator of inspirational messaging, I promote positive messages as a motivator for bringing joy into someone life.  If I can encourage people to approach life without regret through my messages and to pay it forward, I am making a worthy contribution.

Sometimes my messages may touch on spiritual matters, but when this occurs, it is not intended to promote any particular religious belief.  My messages are simply to bring value to all people lives, regardless of their religious, political or philosophical orientation.

I produce positive messages so that others will do the same!  Please share my messages with others by following this blog.  All posts are created weekly with new creations always on the main page.  These ideas are my own inspirations received from others and how I approach and view life.

All Inspirational messages are supported primarily by my efforts to promote these messages using promotional products to keep the message visible.  If you want to join me in spreading the word please share this blog and visit my store.

Thank you all so much for following this blog. Stay positive and most importantly pay it forward!

Len Thicklin


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