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I have a strong fascination with urban street art.   Urban street art is bringing a new perspective into the way we see art across America.  In many cities, outdoor mural paintings have brought public art awareness and a new idea about self-expression.  I am absorbed with this art medium.  I purposely search for opportunities to locate this unusual art when I travel.  I make it a point to stop and enjoy the art as well as photographing the art so that I can share this Art format with my family and friends.

Urban street art is quietly changing the definition of art.  This format is no longer considered just graffiti! To find this art, you sometimes have to visit some very questionable communities, which means I have to take my photographs on the fly.  Overall, you can judge for yourself if this is art or just graffiti.  The word on the street is, Urban Street Art is making a scene in the art world.

Post By Len Thicklin


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