Self Expressions


Sometimes you just can’t speak into words everything you want to say. People are treading toward “wearing” self-expression messages. T-shirts have become billboards to express how we feel about the world and ourselves.  Everything from “have a good day” to “Sh~~t happens” expresses a message about thoughts and ideas.

Everyone of us has a t-shirt that tells a story or express exactly how we feel about ourselves. Whether we are interested in political views, phrases, funny pictures, we have decide to wear our messages.

I happen to love t-Shirts that express people’s personalities.  It’s interesting to see all the unique messages people wear. If you ever want to see self-expressions first hand, spend some time on a college campus.  Here you will find some very interesting statements being made on every level daily. 

Do you have a favorite t-shirt or hoodie that reflect your personality?  If you do,  leave me a comment and share your story. 

Post by Len Thicklin

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