The trend in t-shirt marketing is very similar to social media marketing.

T-shirts have become a very acceptable promotional marketing tool, used to increase a business visibility and brand awareness. If your customers are willing to endorse your product or business by wearing a T-shirt with your logo, then they are willing to align your business brand with their personal life style. 

Everyone is willing to receive A FREE T-SHIRT!  As a matter of fact, attending any sporting, concerts or community events where free T-shirts are given away, you will see people willing to stand in line to receive a free T-shirt.  The key to successfully marketing with T-shirts as a giveaway item, you must have a T-shirt that is well designed with a catchy slogan or message.  After all, how inclined are your customers to be willing to wear that free shirt with your company logo and becoming a walking billboard?

The current trend in fashionable T-shirt marketing addresses this concept. 

T-shirts should be seen as trendy well designed to be worn in public.  Those of us, who purchase logo-ed shirts all the time like apparel from Apple, or Nike, do it because it’s “cool” or makes a social statement.  If your business can give away a T-shirt that someone is willing to pay for, then your business has created the value of a personable gift, which then elevates the perceived value of the brand.

So how do you create that T-shirt that everyone wants to wear?  To do this you need the help of a promotional product professional to guide your business with creating the design and the message for the shirt.

The classic T-shirt comes in a flurry of styles and colors that fit any promotional budget.

T-shirts have long been a staple in the world of promotional apparel, but there’s nothing conventional about the crop of tees available today. Fabric, cut, design and color have been revamped for the market place, to give an ever-expanding selection.


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  1. What your saying is completely genuine. I know that everybody need to say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can realize. I also enjoy the photos you place in the following. They in shape so nicely with what youre trying to say. Im positive youll reach so a lot of men and women with what youve got to say.


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