Entrepreneurial Success

A Successful Dream Came True

When you learn about a small business doing something right, do you sit on your discovery or help to spread the good news?  So how does word of mouth for a small business transcend into the community it serves?

For many of us it’s called getting a hookup and we share the hookup sparingly.  Better yet, we equate getting a hookup more with getting a product or service cheaply or free. We are then less inclined to spread the word in fear of cutting off our hook-up.

So when I have a great experience with a business with an exceptional business model, I like to help spread the word.  With this model in mind, I would like to share with the audience a small business success story.

When it comes to running a successful business, few businesses have made their mark on a local community the way Accounting Pro Advisors, LLC (APA).  The business is located in the heart of downtown Nashville Tennessee.  It is a small firm with a big heart.

If you have not already heard about this business it could be because of the owners’ humble approach to how they began their business.  Meet the owners: Jay B Mercer, a retired IRS tax agent, Marshall Tabb, a very talented accountant, and Maurice Danner an accomplished Certified Public Accountant; together the three of them are experts in their fields. Each partner has more than 25 years of accounting experience.

They started out conducting free bookkeeping and tax seminars for the local community in order to teach accounting principles and tax tips to anyone who would attend.   It became their mission to help small business owners and nonprofit organizations understand accounting and its importance to profitable growth and accountability.  They train accountants and non-accountants on how to use QuickBooks Accounting Software efficiently in a number of industries.

Their professional style quickly gained notice in the community at seminars where technical subjects like accounting or taxes were made easy to understand. They became so successful in helping others that they decided to form a joint venture.  Under the joint venture arrangement each partner brings their professional skills together and formed a consulting and advisory firm.  Accounting Pro Advisors, LLC is a unique consulting firm specializing in three key areas of accounting:  Managerial Accounting Services, Tax Consulting Services, and QuickBooks Consulting Services.

They have been providing unique accounting services and training to the community for over twenty years and have thrived to become a well-respected consulting firm.

If you are ever in need of help with your QuickBooks and accounting advice or just need some sound tax tips please give them a call or visit their website at www.accountingproadvisors.com.


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