Todays Entrepreneurial Spirit

What is an Entrepreneur?

I have decided to write about what it means to be an entrepreneur in America.  But most importantly, how ideas are created and developed into a business; from a passion for something you love or dreamed about doing. 

Many of us realize we all cannot become an entrepreneur, in the sense that we can’t start our own companies.  But there are some of us who feel we must do something to satisfy a burning desire internally, and to some day make a dream come true.   

It is my goal to find an audience who I can share my ambition, passion, and ideas as an entrepreneur with other inspired entrepreneurs.

With the economy in such a state, many of us have decided to start creating additional income by starting a businesses or just moonlighting to supplement the family income. 

Over the years I have started many types of business ventures that developed into profitable businesses; I have experienced modest success. But finding a sustainable market niche over time for any business is very difficult to do.

Many entrepreneurs look for innovative ways to bring business opportunities to market as well as look for market needs that no others have considered. The idea is to be different enough to provide products and services that are better than what anyone is currently doing.   

To become a successful entrepreneur you have to become an expert on the products and service you bring to market.  As intimidating as this sounds it is achievable.  I was able to accomplish this by choosing a reasonable narrow area to specialized in. 

I used my twenty years of technical skills and project management techniques to learn as much as I could to accumulate serious knowledge about the promotional product industry.  Within a few years I had accumulated the knowledge needed to bring a service to market.   

I wanted to create a business model that could provides a one stop solution that could offer a customer full marketing exposure using design services, social media tools, and promotional products to brand their business. 

I hope the ideas shared on this blog will bring exposure to the many of entrepreneurs who share my passion of following a dream and do what we love to do.

An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and is accountable for the inherent risks and the outcome of a product.

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