How I Started in the Business

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How I Started in the Business

I have been involved with some form of media in a verity of ways.  I started with photographs.  I studied great still photographers like Gordon Parks, and many others.  And I have never stopped learning how to use photographic images in unique ways to convey and express creative ideas.

Over the years, I have developed a talent to see the world from a visual perspective and then I applied those ideas to help my clients with their projects.

As a technologist, I have worked with and for graphic designers, sales and marketing professionals to build and manage successful technology projects.

So when the opportunity arrived, I decided to use my talents and strike out on my own to build a business model that would allow me to take full advantage of all my skills.  I developed over the years, a one-stop solution service business.

In 2009 TCG United was created to offer creative graphic design, website development, and promotional product consulting service.

1 thought on “How I Started in the Business

  1. Len, this is wonderful, I wish you the best in launching your social media service. Whatever I can do to help out, just let me know. Love u sis Geri!


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